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We use two forms of discipline; Redirection and Time-Out. If two children are disputing over a toy, we will try to redirect one child’s attention to a similar toy. Redirection is always our first choice of discipline. However, if a child is seen hurting someone or putting him or others in danger, he/she will be put in time-out immediately. Time-out is one minute per age of child. Following the child’s time, a teacher will problem solve with the child to help promote more appropriate behavior. We believe that the children should also begin to work out disputes with their classmates. With the help of a teacher, the children are always encouraged to acknowledge their feelings and begin to look for solutions to their disputes.

Parent Volunteers

We always operate on an open door policy. This allows parents to come into their child’s class at any time unannounced. In addition, we do ask for our parents to volunteer in the class, as they are able. You may sign up for as little or as many days that your schedule may allow.

Volunteering allows our parents to see the activities and learning that takes place in the classroom. Also, most children feel very special when a parent comes in to help in his/her class. This is not mandatory, but highly encouraged. Please check the volunteer sheet in your child’s classroom to sign up or if you suddenly have a free day and decide to stay just let your child’s teacher know when you bring your child in. Unless volunteers have been fingerprinted, they will only be allowed to interact with his/her child.

Under no circumstances will volunteers assist children other than their own in the bathroom and no volunteer will ever be left to supervise children. In addition to volunteering, there will be scheduled performances in which we invite the children to attend a Sunday morning service and perform some of the songs they have been learning. We hope to have 3 or 4 dates set throughout the school year. It is expected that students attend for these performances. This allows our congregation to see and be a part of what is happening in our ministry.

Sick Child

Please keep your child home if he/she is not feeling well. A common cold is particularly communicable the first few days. Preschool children are less capable of tending to their own hygiene (i.e. wiping noses with tissues), therefore more likely to spread infections in school.

If your child has a cough, fever, earache or yellowish-green nasal discharge, please keep your child home. If your child is running a fever, experiencing diarrhea, or vomiting he or she may not be in school. Your child must be fever and symptom free without the aid of medication for 24 hours before reentry to school.

Tuition is the same if your child is out sick or not. If your child is sick for a full month, ½ of the tuition will be due and needs to be paid before your child can reenter school. Absolutely no medication can be given at school!

We do our best at trying to keep communicable diseases to a minimum by bleaching toys on a regular basis, bleaching tables after each activity, using antibacterial hand soap and Lysol on a regular basis. Please help us in our battle to fight disease.

Emergency Medical Procedures

Beautiful Savior Academy is regulated by:
Az. Dept. of Health Services
400 W. Congress, Suite 100

All inspection reports are available upon request.
Liability insurance is carried and the policy is available upon request.
The above forms are in the tall gray filing cabinet located in the directors’ office

Emergency Procedures and First Aid followed when a child is injured or becomes ill at school:
1. Inform the director of any injury or illness immediately.

2. Return to your workday area unless otherwise instructed by the director.

3. Only the director is authorized to open parent files, unless the director requests otherwise.

4. It is the director’s responsibility to determine the extent of the injury or illness and the proper course of action.

5. If life threatening, call the paramedics first, then call the parents. Remain calm; reassure the other children.


Please send a snack with your child each day. All Snacks must be comprised of two (2) components. For example: sliced cheese and crackers. If your child has only one snack item then his/her drink must be milk or 100% juice to cover the second component. Remember this is only a snack to hold the children over until lunch and we only have a short time allotted in which to eat. Snacks will be refrigerated as required by state law and may not be shared between children. All snack bags or boxes must be labeled with your child’s name on the outside.

Please do not send junk food for your child’s snack.

No Gum, No Candy, No Soda

*Any child staying for extended day will also need to bring a lunch with an additional drink. Lunch time drinks must be 100% juice or milk according to state regulations.

Dress code for preschool and kindergarten

Please wear comfortable washable clothing. Children often times get a little messy during some of the activities that are planned and we would hate to ruin an important outfit. In addition, we do ask that you not send your children in long dresses or cowboy boots. These may impair your child’s ability to move freely. Cowboy boots can be very dangerous if a child is kicked with them.


Please do not let your child bring toys from home. It is just too hard to share at school. Remind your child that this is the time when we want them to play with our toys and that the toy they brought can wait in the car until you pick him/her up after school. We will have scheduled Show-’N-Tell days at which time your child can bring something from home. Your child’s teacher will send home more information on how she will be scheduling Show-’N-Tell.


Birthdays are very special days. We invite the children to celebrate with their friends provided arrangements are made with the teacher. All birthday treats must be purchased and not homemade. No birthday party invitations may be distributed via the children’s cubbies. We have recently had problems with children’s feelings being hurt when not invited. Therefore, all invitations must be distributed outside of the preschool. Please note that we are not able to give out phone numbers or addresses.


Holidays will be celebrated with different planned activities. Please be sure to check the sign-in table every day so you will be informed as to what we are doing. Help make preschool a fun place for you and your child by being well informed.

Parent Meetings

Parent meetings will be scheduled and held as needed. Kindergarten parents will have a scheduled conference with the teacher at least twice during the school year. An academy parent can request a meeting at any time throughout the school year.

Going Home

Please pick children up on time. Once school has ended at 12:00p.m. You are responsible for all the children in your car pool. Children are not to leave the classroom without the parent who will be driving them home. Should you be more than 5 minutes late a fee will be assessed to your tuition of $1.00 per minute. Sometimes emergencies arise, please call 579-1453 and inform us if you will be late.


When signing children in and out in the daily log, please be sure to use your full first and last name as required by state law. Additionally, whoever is picking up your child from school must be a minimum of 18 years old and be listed on your child’s blue health card.

Emergency Phone Authorization

In case of an extreme emergency that someone other than a person named on the blue emergency card may need to pick up your child, the following procedures must occur: Parent or guardian must phone the academy and give information on person who is picking up the child including a phone number where they are calling from. The school director will call the parent back to confirm the message. The person picking up the child must have picture identification.

Additional Information

We will have no field trips for preschool classes. There will be scheduled field trips for the kindergarten class. We do not provide any type of transportation. Visitors need to be supervised at all times.


7570 N. Thornydale Road Tucson, AZ 85741