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Summer Enrichment Program
and the 2023-2024 school year.
Summer Program starts June 5th.
Academic year starts August 7th.
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Redirection and problem solving with acknowledgment of feelings are used in all of our classrooms.  If two children are fighting over a toy, we will try to redirect one child’s attention to a similar toy.  If this is unsuccessful the teacher will problem solve with the two children to come up with an acceptable compromise.  It is vital that all children have the opportunity to express their feelings.  Therefore, the teacher will take time to label and acknowledge all feelings that a student is experiencing.  If a child has caused harm to another student the teacher will use this opportunity to coach the child in taking care of the student he/she harmed.  For example, getting an ice pack and putting it on the child if this is required.  This allows the child to develop empathy for others and understand the consequences to certain behaviors.  Allowing our students to express their feelings appropriately and work out their differences with their peers with the support of the teacher is our ultimate goal.  This is a life skill that all children need to acquire for future success.