Registration for 2022-2023 school year and summer session opens Tuesday, March 1st.
Academic year starts August 8th.
Enrollment forms and fee structure can be found here.

Birthdays are very special days. We invite the children to celebrate with their friends provided arrangements are made with the teacher. All birthday treats must be purchased and not homemade. No birthday party invitations may be distributed via the children’s cubbies. We have recently had problems with children’s feelings being hurt when not invited. Therefore, all invitations must be distributed outside of the preschool. Please note that we are not able to give out phone numbers or addresses.

Dress Code
Please dress your child in comfortable washable clothing. Children often times get a little messy during some of the activities that are planned and we would hate to ruin an important outfit. In addition, we do ask that you not send your children in long dresses or cowboy boots. These may impair your child’s ability to move freely. Cowboy boots can be very dangerous if a child is kicked with them.

Field Trips
There will be scheduled field trips for the kindergarten class. We do not provide any type of transportation. We will have no field trips for preschool classes.

We will have scheduled Show-’N-Tell days at which time your child can bring something from home. Your child’s teacher will send home more information on how she will be scheduling Show-’N-Tell.

Special Performances
We schedule special performances in which we invite the children to attend a Sunday morning service to perform some of the songs they learn. This allows our congregation to see and be a part of what is happening in our ministry. We hope to have 3 or 4 dates set throughout the school year. It is expected that students attend these performances.

Toys from Home
Please do not let your child bring toys from home. Remind your child that this is the time when we want them to play with our toys and that the toy they brought can wait safely in your car while they attend school.