Registration for the Summer Enrichment Program and the
2023-2024 school year opens Wednesday, March 1st.
Summer Program starts June 5th.
Academic year starts August 7th.
Enrollment forms and fee structure can be found here.

When signing children in and out in the daily log, please be sure to use your full first and last name as required by state law. Additionally, whoever is picking up your child from school must be a minimum of 18 years old and be listed on your child’s blue health card.

Going Home
Please pick children up on time. Once school has ended at 12:00p.m. You are responsible for all the children in your car pool. Children are not to leave the classroom without the parent who will be driving them home. Should you be more than 5 minutes late a fee will be assessed to your tuition of $1.00 per minute. Sometimes emergencies arise, please call 579-1453 and inform us if you will be late.

Emergency Phone Authorization
In case of an extreme emergency that someone other than a person named on the blue emergency card may need to pick up your child, the following procedures must occur: Parent or guardian must phone the academy and give information on person who is picking up the child including a phone number where they are calling from. The school director will call the parent back to confirm the message. The person picking up the child must have picture identification.